Health and wellness are an important part of our spirit. The TH Wellness Department uses a traditional approach to help our citizens. We focus on all parts of the person: the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. We offer many different programs for citizens of all ages aimed at empowerment and healthy living. These include

Elders' Program

Elders are defined as Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in citizens aged 55 or older. Elders' Support strives to provide as much assistance to Elders as possible, from offering activities and planning events to helping navigate bureaucracy. Learn more about our Elders' Program.

Youth Program

The Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Youth Centre (THYC) exists to encourage healthy living and provide opportunities for positive youth development. The centre is the only facility available to youth ages 12-18 in Dawson and is open to all youth in the critical after-school period and evenings Mondays to Saturdays.

The THYC provides daily organized and drop-in programming to more than 84 registered youth. Our strategic vision is to create a safe and supportive environment that allows youth to explore and participate in issues of governance, education, employment, and wellness. Learn more about our Youth Program.

Family Services Program

The Family Services Program was created to provide direct home-based support services and supportive counselling to families and citizens in the TH community. The Family Services Worker’s (FSW) role is to assist families to identify and draw upon available services, resources, and support systems with the aim of maintaining a strong, safe, and integrated family unit. The FSW works to ensure children, youth, and families understand their individual rights and responsibilities so that families are empowered to make the best decisions regarding their particular situation. Learn more about our Family Services Program

Medical Assistance and Homecare

Services from this department include financial support for health- and wellness-related expenses, home care, Meals on Wheels, and TH driver services.  Learn more about Medical Assistance and Homecare.

Counselling Program

The TH counsellor offers free counselling for TH (and beneficiaries) individuals, couples, families, and groups using a client-centered, collaborative, solution-focused approach to generalist counselling.  Learn more about our Counselling Program.


Wellness Contacts


For most numbers, call us long distance at 1-844-993-7100 (or local at 993-7100) plus extension number:

 Director of Wellness, Edward Whitehouse,



Acting Manager of Wellness Programs & Services, Sean Schmidt



Wellness Driver, JimBob Titus



Wellness Receptionist, Kelly Vittrekwa



Cancer Pathways Coordinator, Deena Titus



Child & Youth Services Coordinator, Ali Biernaskie 169  
Children’s Programs Coordinator, Brittany Bauer 149


Youth Programs Coordinator, Adonika Clark  182  

 Acting Community Health Representative, Anezka Hampl



Community Outreach Support Worker, Gladys Netro



Elders Support Worker, Sandra DeBastien 151  
Family Counsellor, vacant    

Family Wellness Program Coordinator, Jennifer Klemm


Family Wellness Coordinator, Angela VanNostrand



Home & Community Care Coordinator, Dolores Scheffen 125


Indigenous Court Worker, Lorraine Granston 252  

Justice Coordinator, Brenda Warren

Social Assistance Administrator, Erin McQuaig 166  
Men's Shelter Coordinator, Sean Schmidt 225  
Derrick Hastings, TH Farm Manager 867-993-3916